International Competition ANIMATUS begins

International Competition for the concept and realization of a puppet/animated object/theatre form  „Animatus”

„Animatus” is an international competition for the concept and realization of a puppet, animated object or other theatrical form, which is initiated by the Theatre of  Actor and Puppet "Kubuś" in Kielce. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, the Design Institute in Kielce and the Toy and Fun Museum in Kielce and aims to find new forms of expression in the field of puppet theater (including puppet theater for adults) and supporting  innovative stage design projects.

The main idea of the event is exploring the theatrical form in confrontation with the development of new technologies and various aesthetic concepts, so the competition has got an is interdisciplinary character. We invite adult creators of various arts, visual and theater performances  who do not have to be graduates of artistic schools.

The competition task is to prepare the original design of a puppet/ animated object / theater form, intended to be used in a theatrical etude or performance. The deadline for submitting applications and projects to email: expires on the 20th of August 2018. Detailed terms and conditions for participation in the competition are specified in the regulations available at

The submitted works will be assessed by a professional jury who will select the most interesting projects to the second stage of the competition. Then, by September 10, these authors will present detailed assumptions of their proposals, after which the Competition Commission will eventually select three winners of the competition.

Each of the winners will receive an award of 1200 Euro and will take part in artistic residency, within  which they will carry out their competition project.

The organizer of the competition will provide residents with free accommodation and board in Kielce, as well as workshops and materials necessary for the realization  of the project and technical assistance in the form of qualified employees.

Available to the winners will also be consultants: set designers, constructors, actors, puppeteers and directors. During the residency, the laureate is obliged to perform the awarded project, which will be finally presented during the audience show in Kielce.

The word ANIMATUS, derived from Latin, means "animated, gifted with life", and as we know, the foundation of puppetry lies in the assumption of animated matter. Professor Halina Waszkiel, searching for a new definition of a puppet, created a name that best describes contemporary puppet forms, ie: "ANIMANT - an absolutely arbitrary material or non-material object (eg shadow) subjected to animation by the artist-animator. (...) An animant can be a human-like puppet, hand puppet, stick puppet, rod puppet,  shadow marionette, shadow puppet, mask, any object, a piece of material, even a streak of light, but treated as a stage character, dialogue partner, carrier of ideas, aesthetic object,  building a metaphor, something what the actor introduces to the stage and shows viewers as the third element of the performance.”

The competition is to be an impulse to create contemporary animants, not only in theory, but most of all in practice. The idea behind the project is searching for the original forms of the art of puppetry, which may use more and more new technological means, including  virtual reality and 3D printing.

We hope that "Animatus" will be an attractive challenge for artists, enabling them to develop and create creative explorations.

We invite you to participate in the competition.

Detailed information:; +48 698 859 302


Submission deadline for animatus application has been exteded - 15.00, 22. 08.2018 r.




Project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage



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